Compare what the Chlorine Genie delivers to all the rest. There is no equal.

• The Chlorine Genie has a 5 Year Warranty and is built to last 20 yrs. (others 1-3 year)
Creates 100% available chlorine automatically so your pool stays crystal clear and clean (others not really)

• Naturally and safely purifies your pool and spa water without commercial chemicals (others can't)
• Perfect Chlorination 24 / 7 / 365 (other can't)
• Proven patented technology used for over 20 years and still going!

• Easily attaches to new and existing pool equipment with no additional pumps or timers
• Works independently of filter equipment. (other systems require filter to continuously run)
• Quickly and easily controls pH levels -- Up or Down (other systems offer no pH control)
• All salt goes into and stays in machine so it doesn't affect water balance (others put the salt in the pool!)
• Other systems require hundreds of pounds of salt to your pool water followed by acid
• Just 10 minutes a month maintenance (other systems require many hours per month)
• Platinum coated Titanium cell construction that's built to last 20+ years (others last 1-3 yrs)
• Patented water filtration removes calcium buildup from the cell (other systems don't)
Continually inhibits and eliminates hard water deposits at the water line (other systems don't)

Make your own free chlorine for 8¢/gal. to 16¢/gal.
No toxic additives or binders.

Eliminates the costs and hassles of buying chemicals
Eliminates chlorine odor, feel and taste of packaged pool chlorine
• Can be used In conjunction with automatic vacuuming systems
• Ends sore red eyes, irritated skin, bleached out towels and clothes
• SAVES on electricity and chemicals!
• A balanced pool requires less pump running time which translates into less electricity usage too.
• It can DOUBLE the life of costly pool pumps, heaters and filtering equipment! (others can't)
• It can DOUBLE the life of your pool surfaces, both under the water and your decking! (others won't)
In addition, the R30 (residential) Chlorine Genie...
• SAVES up to $600 a year on electricity and up to $600 a year on chemicals!

• KEEPS your pool looking GREAT all year long virtually effortlessly!
It's your turn to join the 10,000+ people who are already enjoying autopilot pool care! Owning a Chlorine Genie will be the best investment you make in your pool and your home. What could be easier than automatic pool care?

Clean Pool Solution assists with installation and will train you or your staff the ease of use!


Perfect Chlorination 24 / 7 / 365 !

No more Red eyes or skin Irritations.

Your pool is always sanitized and ready for use.

Chlorine Genie™ Manufactures 100% Pure Available Chlorine and adjusts pH levels while you sleep.

Your pools stays perfectly balanced and crystal clear 365 days a year!

Chlorine Genie™ pools SPARKLE! CLEAN, HEALTHY, FRESH WATER without all the junk / additives in commercial chlorine and pH products.

Extends the life of your pool. Doubles the life of your pool equipment and decking.

25%-33%+ return on your investment per year in total savings. (50%-80% on C50S commercial units)

A balanced pool requires less pump running time which translates into less electricity usage too.

Save $600+ in chemicals and another $600 in electricity per year! Multiply that by 20 Years?

Investing in a Chlorine Genie™ adds value to any home / pool and significantly reduces the amount of toxic chemicals that must be purchased, stored, handled and ultimately dispensed into your pool!

Nothing compares to the peace of mind, low cost of daily operation and the unmatched performance of a Chlorine Genie™.


Chlorine Genie does everything salt water generators do only better, smarter and for significantly less cost.

Chlorine Genie generates all the chlorine and pH adjusting chemicals your pool needs through a patented process of extracting and separating the sodium, chloride, hydrogen and oxygen from simple rock salt using an electrolytic cell submerged in softened brine water contained in the unit's tank; independently of the pool and dispenses pure free chlorine and adjusting pH into the fresh water pool when the filter cycles. This process is efficient and requires a couple bags of rock salt a year to operate.

This process is efficient and requires a couple bags of rock salt a year to operate. No need adding salt to the pool.

This product and its delivery are Very safe, stable, clean and effective. Programming the Chlorine Genie is familiar and simple. Once installed, a simple monthly water sampling is all it takes to keep pool water crystal clear, balanced and sanitized DAILY.

What's Required:
Power source, water source and an 18" x 18" pad located near pool equipment.

Salt water is caustic to some surfaces, landscape and equipment.

Chlorine Genie customers don't buy expensive, dirty chemicals.

Chlorine Genie sanitizes your "FRESH" water pool daily. Practically maintenance free!

Imagine a perfectly sanitized "Eco Friendly" pool you or guests can splash into 24/7. No more green water. No more skin irritation or red eyes.



Chlorine Genie generates chlorine and aerates residential and commercial pools 24/7.

If you own or operate a chlorinated swimming pool, you will often be faced with raising the pool water chlorine level. The free chlorine in your pool water is what performs the sanitizing and oxidizing duties. Commercially purchased chlorine is 90% fillers and binders. This leaves contaminates in the pool water after dissipation. Along with sunlight, both contribute to reducing the free chlorine available in the pool water. So, unless you are adding chlorine into your pool at a constant rate, the amount of usable chlorine in the pool water will continually diminish.

If you do not continually maintain the appropriate level of chlorine in your water, your pool is at risk of bacterial and algae growth. At this point one is in damage control. Expect pool closure while costly chemical bills do their dirty work. Restoring a pool is an unnecessary hassle. It requires time and more chemicals.

There are a number of factors which can contribute to low chlorine in swimming pool water. Here are what you can expect to happen with swimming pool water with a chlorine level that is too low for an extended amount of time:

• Microbe and bacteria growth.When the chlorine level is too low, microorganisms like bacteria are able to multiply faster. With harmful bacteria like e-coli, this will quickly cause your pool to be unhealthy, risking any swimmers potentially getting sick.
• Algae growth.Algae will also grow quickly. Although you may also be adding algaecides to the pool water, keeping an adequate chlorine level helps prevent algae from gaining a foothold in your pool. Some algae types like mustard algae or black algae are difficult to remove once they have established a presence in your pool water.
• Cloudy, murky, or milky water.With little to no chlorine in the pool water, contaminates that would normally be oxidized by chlorine instead build up in the pool water. The result is the water loses its clarity and sparkle.
• Water balance problems.Bringing the chlorine level back up by applying a shock treatment can alter the water balance in the pool. You may also have to adjust water balance levels like total alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness after drastically raising the chlorine level.
• More expense and maintenance.You will end up shocking the pool at least once, sometimes twice to rid the pool of combined chlorine. Shock is expensive and time consuming, plus the high levels of chlorine in the pool water from shocking prevent swimmers from safely entering the water, and high chlorine levels can degrade vinyl-lined pool walls over time. So, you want to minimize shocking whenever possible. Keeping your chlorine level in the ideal range is a key way to avoid these unneeded shock treatments.


Chlorine Genie generates chlorine and aerates residential and commercial pools 24/7.

Eco Friendly

The packaging, transport, handling and discarding of toxic chemicals and their containers is unnecessary from this point forward!

Commercial pool chlorine products are loaded with as much as 95% junk/additives added to the chlorine to extend shelf life, use and pool utilization. These fillers, binders and stabilizers remain in the pool after the chlorine dissipates and is not pool or swimmer "friendly".

This contamination often results in irritation of the eyes and mucus membranes; causes green hair, itchy dry skin and faded swimwear in addition to staining and discoloring the pool surface.

Salt is stored in the Chlorine Genie and not in your pool!

Adding salt to the pool water can shorten the life of your pool equipment and can cause problems with the surrounding landscaping and even nearby steel fencing and furniture.

The Chlorine Genie keeps pool water crystal and sanitized DAILY. Pool chemical levels remain at a constant optimum 7 days a week.

The environmental impact is immediate.


Chlorine Genie's 5 Year Warranty is an industry best.

Installation by pool maintenance professional, pool contractor or an authorized Chlorine Genie Dealer is required.